Horseback Riding through the Patagonian Steppe by the Pichi Leufu River

Duration of the expedition: 6 days
6 days of horseback riding.

In the Steppe time goes by slowly, like in a different dimension: colors and forms change as our houses take us along this expedition and each valley reflects the magic of the place and the temperate way of its settlers …

Day 1: 5 hours of horseback ride.
From the city of Bariloche we head Northeast to the lower part of Pichi Leufu River (we´ll travel 55 kilometers approximately using Route 23), where the horses are ready and waiting for us. They will be assigned according to the rider´s needs.
Riding along the river shores we´ll start merging with the immensity of the Steppe´s landscape, enjoying the company of the “Gauchos”, who have lived in these valleys all their lives.
At evening we´ll set camp at river shores.
Lunch and dinner at camp site.
Day 2: 6 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll have breakfast at camp while our guides finish setting the “Pilcheros”.
We continue the ride towards the Veranadas, where llamas and horses graze.
At noon we´ll have lunch near the Millapi settlement, family who descends from the first men that lived in this area (Natives), and who will welcome us with great joy to share with us their traditional “mate” and “torta fritas”.
In the afternoon we´ll ride along the shores of the White Creek, heading to the land where “gauchos” (horse breeders), train the horses for competition shows and races.
We´ll dine and sleep at camp site, under shinny stars.
Day 3: 6 hours of horseback ride.
After breakfast we´ll head down to White Creek, land of Mapuche farmers who continue to live in organized communities. They´ll show us hospitality by inviting us to rest and recharge the so needed energy at lunch time, enjoying the break at the shade of the trees. The settlers will recommend us to be respectful of their traditions and their land.
After lunch break we´ll continue riding to Limay River, where we´ll be able to swim and fish if we wish to do so.
For dinner we´ll have a traditional Creole barbeque around a bonfire. Night at camp site.
Day 4: 6 hours of horseback ride.
After breakfast we´ll head up to Villa Llanquín, a settlement whose members descend from the Mapuche Chief “Llanquín”. We´ll ride along river shores towards “La Fragua” Creek, where we´ll view spectacular rock formations and beautiful colors. “Wild and Lonely Sites” is the appropriate phrase to characterize today´s experience.
Dinner at camp site.
Day 5: 7 hours of horseback ride.
Like every day we´ll set the “Pilcheros” after breakfast.
We´ll ride steep and sinuous paths along the mountain, crossing creeks and green lands in a mesmerizing landscape. We´ll climb until the “Paso” where we´ll enjoy the panoramic view of several valleys that converge in this point. Afterwards, we´ll head back to the river, going through valleys and isolated canyons. At evening time we´ll arrive to Pichi Leufu River and we´ll camp at its shores.
Day 6: 5 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll have breakfast and a little fishing activity at “Pozón del Toro”, where we´ll swim before starting our last day of adventure. We´ll ride along river shores and our horses will ride happy, heading back to ranch. We´ll say goodbye to them, grateful for their company and dedicated effort. If we wish to, we´ll whisper to them before free them back to the wild again.
With an unforgettable memory in our minds we´ll head back to Bariloche, this time by vehicle.
Farewell dinner at the city..

*The duration of the expedition may be adapted to the riders´ requirements: from 4 to 9 days.
* The activity will not be suspended for weather conditions.
* The expedition is fit for beginning riders because it doesn´t involve greater difficulty. For those with minimum experience we recommend the 4 day expedition.
* The day before beginning our expedition, we´ll have a safety talk, where we´ll be able to check personal gear to bring along.
* We reserve the right to change the itinerary for reasons that might exceed our will: riders´ experience, climate conditions

Reservations and cost:
The reservation must be made paying a 30% of the total amount and with 40 days anticipation.

From early October to the last days of April.

Minimum of riders require: 4
Maximum of riders: 10