Horseback riding in the Mountain
Bariloche – Ñirihuau – Pichi Leufu
Chubut – Horqueta – Ternero


Duration of the expedition: 6 days
6 days of horseback riding

This ride goes through from the Steppe, near Bariloche, to the Andean Forests of “Lenga” and the green and warm Valley of Ternero River.
The natural attractions are many and our riders will have the chance to get in touch with virgin natural sites, enjoying the immensity of nature, the silence of shiny star nights and the clear waters where we´ll be able to experience a refreshing dive. You´ll take a magic and unique memory of a marvelous experience.

Day 1: 5 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll drive from Bariloche to the Ñirihuau River area (20 kilometers), where our horses await us ready to go. A horse will be assigned to each rider according to their riding level and requirements. After last recommendations we´ll begin the excursion.
We´ll ride towards the beginning of the Pichi Leufu River, passing through “La Buitrera”, rock formation where condors and eagles nest and frequently can be seen and observed. We´ll have lunch enjoying the view of the white and abrupt rock formations.
At evening tine we´ll camp close to the river, under the protection of the forest of “Ñires”, which are endemic trees. We´ll try fishing trout before enjoying dinner around a safe bon fire.
Night at camp.
Day 2: 7 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll follow the stream of the Pichi Leufu River by its valley, going through paths where we might be able to see farmers and their animals grazing. Lunch will take place by river shores.
We´ll keep riding along the river to start ascending to the 1.760 meter path, where we´ll discover the majestic valley of the Chubut River.
We´ll camp near the famers´ ranches, with whom we might be able to share some “mates”.
Night at camp under the stars.
Day 3: 7 hours of horseback ride.
Riding along the shores of Chubut River, we´ll cross through canyons and valleys. Enjoying the absolute silence of nature we´ll arrive to Miranda´s Ranch, a traditional “Gauchos” family. They´ll proudly show us their equestrian art craft work and their handmade weaves. A couple more hours riding will take us to “Sapucai”, ranch which main activity is agro – tourism. We´ll enjoy a warm welcome, a hot shower and a traditional barbecue lamb with wine.
Night at “Sapucai” Ranch.
Day 4: 5 hours of horseback ride.
Riding around Sapucai Ranch we´ll know the traditions and the settlers´ way of life, who still live so far from modern civilization. True to their traditions and culture, they still hunt pumas, wild boars, and foxes in order to keep their cattle safe.
They breed sheep, goat, cows and horses, just as their ancestors used to do it. They also manufacture art craft from the leather and wool of their own production. If we wish to, we can fish and swim in the river.
Dinner, music and night at Sapucai Ranch.
Day 5: 7 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll continue with our adventure along with our horses, heading down the shores of Chubut River until arriving to “Horqueta”, a creek of clear waters that runs through the valley, which we will cross to get to the path that will take us to “Ternero”. In the afternoon we´ll get to our camp site close to a forest of “Lenga”.
Dinner by a bon fire and night under the stars.
Day 6: 3 hours of horseback ride.
Day 7: 3 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll begin heading back, riding along the river and going thought mount paths that will take us to the endemic virgin forest. We´ll enjoy the beautiful sites and views before coming to the end of our excursion. We´ll say goodbye to our horses, thankful for their faithfulness and effort.
We´ll recharge our energy enjoying some tasty traditional “empanadas” and beer before our transportation drives us back to Bariloche.

*This expedition is fit for intermediate riders; minimum experience with equestrian activity is required: walk and trot. Good physical condition is also required.
* We reserve the right to change the itinerary for reasons that might exceed our will: riders´ experience, climate conditions.
* The activity is not suspended for rain or wind.
* The day before starting the expedition, we´ll have a safety talk where we´ll check the personal gear to take along the ride with us


The reservation must be made paying a 30% of the total amount and with 40 days anticipation.

Season: from early November to the last days of March.