Horseback riding up waters
Ñirihuau-Pichi Leufu- Chubut- Chenqueniyen

Duration of the expedition: 7 days
7 days of horseback ride

We ride towards the source of several melting rivers, tracing their margins, fording them until they become a thread of fresh and pure water. Climbing towards the high grasslands where nature gives us its magnificence and harmony.

Day 1: 5 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll drive from Bariloche to the Ñirihuau River area (20 kilometers), where our horses await us ready to go. A horse will be assigned to each rider according to their riding level and requirements. After last recommendations we´ll begin the excursion.
We´ll ride towards the beginning of the Pichi Leufu River, passing through “La Buitrera”, mount of white rock formations of singular beauty.
At evening time we´ll camp close to the river, under the protection of the forest of “Ñires”.
Dinner around the bonfire and night next to the soft sounds of river waters.
Day 2: 6 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll follow the stream of the Pichi Leufu River by its valley, going through paths where we might be able to see farmers and their animals grazing. Lunch will take place by riverside.
We´ll keep riding along the river to start ascending to the 1.760 meter path, where we´ll discover the majestic valley of the Chubut River.
We´ll camp near the famers´ ranches, with whom we might be able to share some “mates”.
Night at camp under the stars.
Day 3: 7 hours of horseback ride.
Riding along the shores of Chubut River, we´ll cross through canyons and valleys. We´ll arrive to Miranda´s Ranch, a traditional “Gauchos” family. They´ll proudly show us their equestrian art craft work and their handmade weaves. A couple more hours riding will take us to “Sapucai”, ranch which main activity is agro – tourism. We´ll enjoy a warm welcome, a hot shower and a traditional barbecued lamb with wine.
Night at “Sapucai” Ranch where we´ll sleep in comfy beds.
Day 4: 7 hours of horseback ride.
We´ll ride to “Miranda´s”, penetrating the Mountain by the “Serrucha” mountain range through a steep hill. Condor, Eagles and Falcons await us, curious for our visit. We´ll enjoy the mesmerizing panoramic view before heading back to our camp site, which we´ll set in a forest of “Lenga”.
Dinner and bonfire. Night under the stars.
Day 5: 7 hours of horseback ride.
Will begin an intense steep climb out of the mountain, arriving to “Serrucha”, where we´ll find two well differentiated types of vegetation, due to the height. We´ll leave the mountain range and its forests to sink in the immensity of the Patagonian Steppe.
At evening time we´ll set camp in the upper part of the Chenqueniyen Creek, where will be welcome by “Don Cañumil”, nephew of a “Machi” from the Native Reservation. “Don Cañumil” will share with us his stories, while we drink “mate” next to the bonfire.
Day 6: 7 hours of horseback ride.
This day, the Steppe shows us a great variety of colors and contrast, as well as thaw water that engrave its path in the wonderful landscape, giving wild life to the area.
Happy, the horses take us to Pichi Leufu River, where we´ll camp. Noticeable is the change of vegetation from the mountain to the valley.
Tonight we´ll get a bonfire going and will sleep under the stars next to the river.
Day 7: 4 hours of horseback ride.
From the valley of Pichi Leufu River we ride to Bariloche, and our footsteps engrave the path, in the form of horseshoes. Ñirihuau River awaits us to start with our farewell words.
We say goodbye to our beloved horses, which will be happy of heading back home.
Night in Bariloche and farewell dinner.

* The activity will not be suspended for weather conditions.
* The expedition is not fit for beginning riders; minimal equestrian experience is required: walk and trot. Good physical condition is required as well.
* The day before beginning our expedition, we´ll have a safety talk, where we´ll be able to check personal gear to bring along.
* We reserve the right to change the itinerary for reasons that might exceed our will: riders´ experience, climate conditions.

The reservation must be made paying a 30% of the total amount and with 40 days anticipation.

Minimum of riders require: 4
Maximum of riders: 10

Season: from early November to the last days of March.